Q) How do I register with NewAlliedTour?

A) Registering and becoming a member of NewAlliedTour is very simple and easy. Just click the Register link and fill in the information. You will be required to register and sign-in before booking a flight or hotel, but this is not required for just searching.

Q) How do I benefit by becoming a member of NewAlliedTour?

A) As a registered member of NewAlliedTour, you are entitled to savings and benefits on airfares, hotel reservations, holiday packages and car rentals, among other travel services.

Q) How do I edit my account information?

A) Sign in to your NewAlliedTour.account. Once signed, go through each tab and update the necessary account information. After updating the desired information, Click on the "Update" button and your new account information will be saved.

Q) Can I change my username (e-mail address)?

A) Yes, you can change your username (e-mail address). After modifying the username, an e-mail will be sent to the new e-mail address for verification.

Q) How do I change my password?

A) Sign in to your account and click on the "Edit" under Login Information. Enter your new Password and enter it again in the Confirm Password field. Click on the "Update" button and your new password will be saved.

Q) What should I do if I forget my password?

Q) If you've forgotten your password, click on the link Forget Password. You will be asked to enter your e-mail address used for your account. You password will then be sent to the specified e-mail.

Payment Options:

Q) What are the payment options available on NewAlliedTour?

A) You can make your payments through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cheque.

Q) How do I pay by credit card?

A) To pay by credit card, we require the following details - type of credit card, card holder's name, expiration date and billing address of the credit card. For online purchases, the CVV batch code on the reverse of the credit card is also required. We ensure that every transaction you conduct online is in a safe and secure environment. To achieve this, the website is protected by Secured Socket Layer (SSL) technology by VeriSign, the leaders in encryption technology. For further details check the payment link in Terms and Conditions.

Q)Can I pay by Cheque/Demand Draft?

A)Presently, we are not accepting payment by Cheque/DD


Q) What is an e-Ticket?

A) An e-Ticket (electronic ticket) is a paperless electronic document with a unique confirmation number given to passengers in place of a paper ticket. Passengers are required to produce the unique confirmation number at the airport airline counter when checking in for the flight.

Q) Can I make a booking over the phone?

A) To book tickets via phone, please call Customer Care

Q) How do I make a booking for group travel?

A) All group booking requests can be mailed to us at groupbooking@newalliedtour.net and we will revert to you within 24 hours. Alternately, you can contact Customer Care. When looking for group bookings, we request you to please include as many details of your travel as possible like number of adults and children traveling, preferred dates and destinations, budget, etc.

Q) How will I be notified that my booking is confirmed?

A) Whenever you successfully complete a booking online, a confirmation would be sent to you via e-mail, which would include your reference number and travel details.

Q) How do I receive my e-Ticket details?

A) Your e-Ticket details will be sent to the email address you have provided during the booking process.

Q) How will I get my boarding pass for an e-Ticket?

A) You will need to show your e-Ticket confirmation email and your e-Ticket number at the check-in counter. The airline representative will issue your boarding pass thereafter.

Q) Is it compulsory to show my e-Ticket confirmation email at the airport check-in counter of the airline?

A) It is not mandatory to show your e-Ticket confirmation email. In case you are not carrying the e-Ticket confirmation email, you will need to show a photographic proof of identity (passport, driver's license etc.) at the airport check-in counter of the airline. However, it is advisable that you carry your e-Ticket confirmation email and your e-Ticket number.

Q) What if my paper tickets are lost or stolen?

A) If your paper airline tickets are lost or stolen, please contact Customer Care immediately. We will help you in processing a lost ticket application. In most cases, the airlines require you to purchase replacement tickets at "today's" fare i.e. current fares. Our travel specialist will facilitate the sale of these tickets. If your original tickets are not used after a designated period of time, usually 3 to 4 months, depending on the airline-you will receive a credit for the purchase price of the replacement tickets, after deducting the application fee. This fee varies by airline. Please note that these policies and fees are subject to change at any time. Our travel specialist will be able to provide the most recent information for your airline. Each airline has its own rules and policies for issuing replacement tickets and NewAlliedTour is bound by these rules and policies and must adhere to them.

Q) Can I change my flight tickets after they are confirmed?

A) While most airlines allow tickets to be changes, a fee is applicable. The exact change fee will depend on the airline you've made your bookings on and the type of ticket you have purchased. Please contact Customer Care for flight changes.

Q) What is the maximum number of seats I can book?

A) A maximum of 9 seats can be booked at one time. If you need to book for more than 9 travelers you will have to re-complete the booking process for the additional travelers.

Q) What will be the charges for cancellation of booking?

A) Flight Cancellation Policy

Delivery of Tickets:

Q) How is my flight ticket delivered to me?

A) Tickets will be delivered either in the form of e-tickets via email or as a paper ticket through courier.

Q) Where will the paper ticket for my flight be delivered?

A) Your ticket will be delivered to the address you supplied as the delivery address during the booking process.

Q) Is there a delivery charge for my ticket/voucher?

A) There is NO charge for all courier deliveries.

Q) How long will it take for my ticket to reach me?

A) Physical/paper tickets would be delivered to you within five working days. E-tickets would be emailed to you immediately after your transaction is confirmed.

Q) What do I do if I do not get my ticket within 3 days of making my booking?

A) If you have not received your ticket within three working days, please contact Customer Care to check the status of your courier.

Q) What do I do if I do not get my ticket till my departure?

A) If you do not get your ticket 24 hours prior to departure, you may call us. In case we cannot get it delivered, we would issue a PTA (a Pre Paid Ticket Advice). After a PTA is issued, our agents would give you a ticket number and an airline PNR. Please quote this number at the airline reservation counter at the airport to issue your ticket. Please ensure that you are at the airport at least 30 minutes prior to the normal check-in time.

Q) Can I change the delivery address after I have completed the booking?

A) Yes, however as an identity confirmation, you would need to send us a request in writing. Please contact Customer Care for details.

Q) From which city are tickets/vouchers dispatched from?

A) All tickets/vouchers are dispatched from the NewAlliedTour corporate office in Khairtabad,Hyderabad,.

Hotel Reservation:

Q) How will my hotel booking or vacation package be confirmed?

A) For all hotel bookings made on the website, you will receive a confirmation number via e-mail. For hotel and vacation packages booked over the phone, our reservation agents would process all your travel details and check for availability with the hotel. Your travel would be confirmed over e-mail as soon as we receive a confirmation from the hotel.

Q) Do I need to confirm my reservation?

A) There is no need to confirm your reservation. But if you still feel you would like to verify that your reservation was made, you can do so by contacting Customer Care.

Q) I wish to amend my hotel reservation?

A) To amend a hotel reservation, please contact Customer Care.

Q) What are the charges for canceling my Hotel / Package booking?

A) Hotel/ Package Cancellation Policy